Questions – answers

Personal assistance is a service in which the disabled person appears in an active, employer role, who employs persons in order to support his/her life.

Self-determination means that a person can make decisions about their own life and events affecting them.

Independent living covers all aspects of life, but these areas are linked to each other. In our experience, personal assistance is one of the most fundamental elements. Self-determination cannot be achieved in other areas (such as work or leisure) without independent living.

This service is not yet available in Hungary for free of charge.

We are building an international network, lobbying, organising a community, and planning to provide training. Our long-term goal is to develop a social enterprise in order to provide personal assistants to disabled persons who will fund this service from State aid.

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You can support us through the Antal Zsuzsa Alapítvány. The foundation’s account number: HUF: 10702019-67808276-51100005

Anyone can be a personal assistant; no professional qualification or experience is required. However, it is important that the person is flexible, empathetic and sensible. The rest can be learned.

Any disabled person can ask for the services of a personal assistant. Usually, you might see a personal assistant by the side of people with reduced mobility or with high support needs, using a wheelchair or electric wheelchair. But almost any person with a disability (including people with a visual or hearing impairment or an intellectual disability) can employ a personal assistant.

Briefly: everything… Everything the employer asks them to do. There is no fixed job description, their tasks depend on the agreement between the employer and the employee.