Who are we?

Our team works participatively. We are planning, organising and evaluating together, with the active involvement of disabled and non-disabled people. We are a diverse group of people with different experiences and qualifications. Our work combines experiential and research expertise. We work on a service that flexibly adapts to individual needs. The disabled person is seen as an equal citizen and consumer as well, who can work and live as an active member of society with the help of a personal assistant.

About us in a nutshell

  • We are members of the Freekey team.
  • We work participatively.
  • Participative means to take part.
  • Participative means that we plan, organise and evaluate everything together.
  • It also means that in our team we have disabled people and people without disabilities as well.
  • We are diverse.
  • Our teammates each have individual experiences.
  • Our teammates each studied in different schools.
  • Some of our teammates’ knowledge comes from experience.
  • Experiential knowledge means that we gain knowledge through the experiences in our lives.
  • Some of our teammates are skilled researchers.
  • Research skill means that we gain knowledge through scientific research.
  • Experiential knowledge and researchers’ skills are of equal importance.
  • Every member of our team is valuable.
  • In our team everybody is equal.
  • Some people in our team work with the assistance of someone else.
  • We call this assistance personal help.
What we do

Our projects and campaigns


In 2020, with the support of JDC's Tikkun in Action program and Mozaik Jewish Community Hub we organised an awareness-raising campaign on personal assistance. We made films about the service and started to expand our community.


In 2021, with the support of ELTE Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education, we are researching the development of an innovative ecosystem supporting the Personal Assistance Service. We conducted interviews as part of this research and we use them in our training sessions and workshops.


In 2021, with the support of JDC's Tikkun in Action programme, we are developing tools for future users of this service. With this help, they can make good use of personal assistance.

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Dániel Csángó

Dániel Gál

Borbála Ivicsics

dr. Vanda Katona

Veronika Kalász

Gergely Köllő

dr. Zsuzsanna Kunt

Nikolett Rékasi

dr. Anikó Sándor

Károly Tóth

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